For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord...Jeremiah 29:11


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One-on-One Coaching & Mentoring

 Brit Lashae became my mentor in August of 2018. She has not only inspired me to go after my dreams as a business woman, but has also helped me step by step in launching my own brand. She embodies what it means to truly support other women. She is always a phone call or text away. I can always count on her giving me advice with honesty and from a place of love. God definitely blessed me with her at the right time. I will FOREVER be grateful for the leadership and commitment she has not only shown to me, but to every woman that follows her and her BnPowered movement. She has set the tone for what Queens supporting Queens truly means. I pray that whoever comes into contact with her is as blessed to have her as a mentor as I was. Thank you for all you do Brit Lashae. I continue to blossom into my purpose because of you Queen.


Armor of Words Book

I love the Armor of Words Book and affirmation cards! I have decreased my anxiety by reading my affirmations throughout the day and starting my day with a workout. I have already recommended this to many friends 😄 My favorite affirmation was about giving thanks and being grateful because sometimes I forget to count my blessings and to focus on what i already have. ~ Deronda S

I LOVE the Armor of Words book and cards. They provide daily reminders to love yourself and be positive. When you start your day with such inspiration it helps make routine stressors a lot easier to handle. The mini workouts are an added bonus and have become part of my morning ritual before work. I would absolutely recommend this to a friend! I can't pick one affirmation that I love  because they're all great! ~ Amanda S.


Armor of Words  book has given me a different mindset in how I go about my day.  It provides a positive light that was needed in my life to affirm how I want to move forward in 2018.  I would definitely recommend to a friend. "Have Faith in You"...affirms the reasoning on how can others have faith in me if I don't have faith in myself...self-awareness. ~ CC

BnPowered Product

Superb customer service!

Experience was awesome!!! Thank you BnPowered! This t-shirt speaks volumes for the ones of us that are “Beautifully Broken”. ~ Anonymous

Power.Purpose.Passion Challenge.

I enjoyed taking the time to look within myself and know that flawed does not mean unworthy and that even though at times when I may feel defeated and hopeless I still have power a purpose and a passion! ~ Anonymous